Genesis 30:1-3,9,15,22-23 Now when Rachel saw that she bore Jacob no children, she became jealous of her sister; and she said to Jacob, “Give me children, or else I die.” Then Jacob’s anger burned against Rachel, and he said, “Am I in the place of God, who has withheld from you the fruit of the womb?” She said, “Here is my maid Bilhah, go in to her that she may bear on my knees, that through her I too may have children”… When Leah saw that she had stopped bearing, she took her maid Zilpah and gave her to Jacob as a wife… But she said to her, “Is it a small matter for you to take my husband? And would you take my son’s mandrakes also?” So Rachel said, “Therefore he may lie with you tonight in return for your son’s mandrakes”… Then God remembered Rachel, and God gave heed to her and opened her womb. So she conceived and bore a son and said, “God has taken away my reproach.”

These are the names of the twelve children of Jacob – Rueben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Dinah, Joseph. There were born to his wives Rachel and Leah and through their maids Bilhah and Zilpah.

In today’s chapter, we see the problem of polygamy because it creates jealousy and bitterness. The two wives of Jacob want to bear more children so that he would love them more and so that through them their children would carry Abraham’s great blessing.

Nowadays one or two kids is common or no kids is starting to become natural too. Twelve from 4 women sounds like a real responsibility and all caused because of the error of having two wives.

Where was God in Jacob’s life and what does He intend to teach us through this passage?

Clearly polygamy was not what God intended for man. We can admire the wisdom of the Divine appointment, which joins together one man and one woman only; for God has called us to peace and purity.

Eventually God did organize Israel into twelve tribes and they were from the many children of Jacob. Jesus was born from the tribe of Judah and so God’s blessing on Abraham did come into fruition and today the world is blessed through Abraham’s seed.

Furthermore Jesus is referred to as the groom and the church, His bride. He loved his bride so much that He gave Himself up so that His bride could be prepared for the perfect wedding in heaven.

The Church is us and together with all the children of God, we are the Church and Jesus is our groom. Sounds too strange but it is a reality and you can read this wonderful description through Bible verses of this relationship – Invitation to a Wedding

Heavenly father, I pray that you help us comprehend the significance of the great wedding that is to take place and our role as the bride to Jesus Christ, your Son. I pray that you will help us to get ready spiritually by being cleansed by the blood of Jesus and receiving the holy spirit that will guide us into understanding and walking with you. Thank you for your amazing love in giving us your Son through whom we can share eternity in your presence. Thank you for inviting every human to be a part of your kingdom, regardless of how sinful we are. We love you Lord!

In His Loving Service,

Revelation 19:7-9 “Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready.” It was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints. Then he said to me, “Write, ‘Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.’” And he said to me, “These are true words of God.”

  1. Ann says:

    He came as a baby but He’s coming back as a bridegroom one of these days!

    God bless you and thanks for sharing.

    Merry Christmas!


    • ServantBoy says:

      Indeed Jesus is the babe that came to save the world and will soon be here to take us to His banquet table to celebrate the great wedding with us, his bride. God bless you as you continue to lean on Him.
      In Christ,

  2. Debbie says:

    I always loved weddings. And this one, well, it’s the best ever! 🙂 God bless you and yours, Vineet, and your love for Him!

    • ServantBoy says:

      Hi Deb,
      Thank you again for blessing this blog with your comments and encouragement. What a blessing your are to me and I pray God will continue to lift you higher in your faith walk, that His hand of blessing and healing will extend over you and your family and that many will be directed to Him by your sincere service to Him.

      In Christ,

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