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Infrequent Posts

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Dear All,

Over the last many days, I have heard from many of you either through email, messages or calls asking if all was well and I wanted to let each of you know that I am well and the reason for my infrequent posts is that I have been preoccupied with where God is leading me in my spiritual walk as I have had to contend with tough questions asked by a friend who is now an atheist.

One of the realities of faith in God or self is that there needs to be some basic understanding of what that faith is based on. Through his questions, I have been discovering Jesus in a more real and meaningful way and I praise God for this discussion, which is available for all to see on my Facebook page (click on the link beside this post). Believing is vital but knowing what we believe is critical too when we want to share the gospel with the world or when we face challenges to our faith.

I hope to begin the devotional again over the next day or two and I sincerely apologize for the gap. Thank you for showing your love and support and I pray that the living God and savior of this world, Jesus Christ, will bless you and direct you to Him every moment of your life for His glory.

In His Loving Service,