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Posted: Wednesday, March 3, 2010 in Acts, New Testament
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Acts 25:18-19
When his accusers got up to speak, they did not charge him with any of the crimes I had expected. Instead, they had some points of dispute with him about their own religion and about a dead man named Jesus who Paul claimed was alive.

Years after Paul was first charged by Ananias and then brought to Caesarea, his trial continues under the new leadership of Festus and now King Agrippa. This is part of a conversation Festus has with Agrippa regarding Paul and what stood out to me was Festus’ understanding of Paul’s belief in a dead man named Jesus who Paul claimed was alive. It made me wonder about what the Jews and any non-believers thought about Paul’s beliefs and similarly our belief. It made me wonder why people found it so hard to believe at all?

To most people, religion is a something they do and they do it because it is taught to them, expected of them and makes them feel secure. It is something they cling to for self-comfort and therefore is about their needs being met. For Paul and believers in Jesus, it is about a relationship with God that saved us from the depths of hell. It is not an act but a realization of the truth. Today I am reminded that I need to stop judging those around me, those in authority, etc. but that I should be focussed on seeking the Lord and living a life modeled on His own and let God use our lives as a testimony of lives transformed by Him.

In His Loving Service,

  1. The world will know us by our actions for sure. Words are rarely enough. Even in regular relationships there are “bars” we have to meet to maintain a healthy friendship. I think it is curious that that rule does not apply to our relationship with God. We forget Him for days on end, only talk to him if we need something. Who of our friends would tolerate that?! Yet God is patient and kind and always waits. In everything he demostrates perfect love! Praise God for that!

  2. ServantBoy says:

    Yes, it’s true. Which of our friends would tolerate us going to them as we will when we whim. God however is the epitome of patience and love and his mercies are new every morning. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

  3. Rani John says:

    Well said Vineet. People want to have religion for their social life in this world..They follow what they are taught only because it gives them security and comfort..But knwoing Jesus is a personal relationship that takes you beyond this earth…eternity. And its so sad that this truth is not revealed to many. As you said, let us be a living testimony so that many will be directed to this Christ whom Paul preached.

    God Bless

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