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John 10:40-42
Then Jesus went back across the Jordan to the place where John had been baptizing in the early days. Here he stayed and many people came to him. They said, “Though John never performed a miraculous sign, all that John said about this man was true.” And in that place many believed in Jesus.

At times, I wonder if this ministry God has called me to is blessing anyone as I seldom hear back from readers and I sometimes let self-doubt creep in about whether the Lord really called me to this mission. Today morning was one of those days and I found it so encouraging to read the passage above. John the Baptist came into this world just prior to Jesus to make clear the path for the Son of God to minister to the lost. John’s life was cut short by a violent end when he was beheaded for speaking out against the ruler’s marriage to his own brother’s wife.

During John’s ministry, several of his disciples left him to follow Jesus and I wonder if John had feeling of self doubt about whether he was serving God faithfully but because of him, many thousands followed Christ and in the centuries to follow, people continue to be inspired by his life and are directed to Christ through his service to the Lord. Sometimes we try to measure our service to God through the world’s standards and that’s when we go off the path. We need to serve God and let God chose how he wants to use our willing service for his glory. In this passage, Jesus spoke to those John had ministered to and the fruit of that ministry came when the Lord spoke to them. I hope you are encouraged like I am that we are to serve the King of Kings without measuring the success or counting the loss for it is to God’s glory and that is what matters.

In His Loving Service,

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